Celebrities Reveal Their First Job Before They Were Famous

There are some celebrities who had weird, odd, and crazy first jobs before they hit it big. They may be actors now, but celebrity first jobs often are more outlandish than many Hollywood roles. The most famous names in acting weren’t overnight successes. They had to work hard to get roles, and in between auditions, they had to make ends meet. Some actors worked whatever jobs they could get. Auditions happen at all times of day, so having a flexible schedule is ideal. Actors must improvise with odd jobs.

Unfortunately, jobs that tick all those boxes can be a little … weird. Just how strange these weird, odd, and crazy first jobs varied, but they’re each too good to miss. So, here are some celebrities who prove that some jobs are odder than others. What was your first job? Was it super strange or pretty run of the mill? Let us know, and don’t forget to SHARE with your fellow pop-culture-obsessed friends! And just remember: We all had to start somewhere.