Valuable Vinyl Records That May Be Hiding in Your Attic

With vinyl records experiencing a pop culture renaissance in recent years, they’ve taken back the mantle of bestselling physical music format from CDs for the first time in decades. This boom has also led to a major increase in vinyl collecting… and spike in the price of valuable vinyl records. However, making big bucks off of the boxes of vinyls sitting in your parents’ basement isn’t as easy as dropping full crates off at the shop. You’ll need to go through each and every one looking for specific pressings, prints, and art.

If you have certain records from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, ABBA, Olivia Newton-John, and other classic bands, you might be in luck. Prices for these valuable vinyl records range from around $1,000 up to more than $35,000. Are there any valuable records we left out? Be sure to SHARE this list with anyone you know who’s looking to sell their vintage valuable vinyl records.