Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter and Sam Logan Break Up

Juliette Poter introduced Sam Logan to the fans of Siesta Key during Season 4 which aired last August 4th.  The two started dating after she officially cut her ties with her ex-boyfriend and former co-star Alex Kompthecras. Almost two years ago, Juliette posted a romantic Instagram photo with Sam when they became an official couple. Their fans on social media were so happy as they shared a sweet kiss in front of Cinderella's castle during a trip to Disney World.
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However, after Siesta Key's fourth season finale, these love birds appeared to have some dents in their relationships. We all know how hard it can be to keep a secret in Siesta Key. So it was no surprise to the fans who noticed right away and began to believe that Juliette and Sam had broken up. For starters, fans have noticed several pieces of evidence on why they think the couple was about to go their separate ways. Juliette appears to have deleted some of her most recent photos with Sam on her own Instagram page, the fans also noticed that Juilette doesn't follow Sam’s account for her swimwear label anymore.  The swimwear designer posted photos of herself in a different closet after moving in with Sam; then wrote on her Instagram, "Decluttering feels so good." A fansite screengrab who's believed to be from Madison Hauser's sister also posted, "I do not know the details. I just know they are done. And that the Land Rover is a lease lol." The greatest clue for the fans was Sam's reply to a question on Instagram when he was asked if he's ready to settle down, where he replied, "I'm single. You freaks chill out and let me live my life."
The rumors started getting out of control when Sam was seen partying with bikini-clad women, Which only further sparked speculation that he ended his relationship with Juliette.  At first, some fans thought that Sam was trying too hard to make Juliette jealous. Unfortunately, they got it all wrong.  Sam responded, "I’m not trying hard to make anyone jealous I did that during my last breakup and it’s immature and dumb as hell. I’m literally just posting [about] my life like every other person, I’m single and I'm allowed to do as I please.” The couple has split after almost two years of being together. Sam also confirmed the rumors when he answered a fan's comment from their old photo on Instagram. She said, "I need to know if you and Juliette are still dating." However, the reality star responded with a straight, "No." Some commenters are bashing Juliette. But Sam immediately defended her to make an effort to avoid further issues. He said, "She's an amazing person, some things just don't work out, and being in the public eye def doesn't help." Juliette continues to reflect on her learnings from her past mistakes after splitting up with Sam. She tweeted this August, "I’ve learned a lot from my past mistakes. And what I’ve learned (although easier said than done) is that you can’t always control a situation but you can control your response and actions. I choose to face adversity with dignity & grace." Despite everything, most Siesta Key fans are very proud of how the ex-couple are facing the issues in their life right now as they continue to move forward with their separate lives.