The Not-So-Subtle Windshield Wiper Notes That Left Drivers In Tears

New driver or old driver, parking on the streets, lots, structures, and spaces can always bring a certain level of uncertainty and dismay. Even if you’ve been driving (and parking) for years or decades, you might drive long enough to see yourself become the villain – the awful parking lot troll, that is. From crossing the line to completely missing it, parking in even the widest and most open parking lots can quickly turn into chaos. Thankfully, we have parking lot champions (though we like to call them the antihero parking police).

These are the kind, outgoing, and sarcastic individuals that leave eye-opening statements and jokes for all the bad parking drivers to accept and admire. Before we start, please ignore the horrible parking jobs you are about to witness (although they are terrible to accept). Instead, focus on the wholesome responses by our trusted antihero parking police. Some of these funny windshield wiper notes even had us rolling over in our cars (kidding!).