Worst Fast Food Restaurants, Ranked

Love them or hate them, fast food restaurants are as American as apple pie. Whether you crave a late-night burrito from Taco Bell or an afternoon, lunch-break Big Mac from McDonald’s, America’s love for cheap, fast, and fatty foods is second-to-none. Yes, some of these restaurants offer health-focused meals, sides, and combos are the majority of these food and drink establishments are just terrible. I mean, what do you expect? Gourmet, life and soul-enriching food that will make you live longer? Definitely not! That’s not the purpose of these wonderfully unique fast-food establishments. From a quick road-trip bite to a “once-a-week” dinner for the family, these restaurants catch you on the fulfillment of good flavors and cheap prices. But, there’s more to these worst fast food restaurants.

Somehow, some of these “scummy” worst fast food places manage to make a mockery of their identities. Some of these worst fast food places have managed to disgust every customer that has been able to get a glimpse of their mistakes and general “nastiness.” For your sake, as well as ours, we’ve listed our worst fast food restaurants to avoid…if you want to live.